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A WAY OUT is a documentary, which explores how women get out of dangerously abusive relationships. It is essentially a documentary which draws upon the portrait of a woman who traveled a path which took her from nearly being killed by her ex-husband in a brutal attack, through escape, recovery, redemption and heroism. That woman, Kim Donatelle, recounts the details of the day on which she nearly died and describes how her best friend did die when she tried to come to Kim's aid. After a long and painful medical recovery, Kim began to bring herself back into the world of the living. She endured the difficult criminal trial of her attacker and began to put back together the pieces of her life. With almost every reason in the world to give up on her life and her future, Kim Donatelle has instead become an inspirational force in the fight against domestic violence. Her story is one of transcendence. It is the story of how one woman's heroic recovery became a life which has touched the lives of countless other women who have wound up in the darkened world of domestic violence. The story of how she redeemed her life after barely surviving a deadly attack is one which has inspired other women to safely leave dangerous situations. The documentary frames Kim's personal story with recollections of professional women who worked in the field in the early days when domestic violence was understood by almost no one, times when domestic violence was someone else's dirty secret. The documentary neatly details how far society and the legal system have come from then to now. The documentary also contains revelations from those who work in the domestic violence arena every day, from law enforcement officers to career prosecutors, who talk about the special problems, which are inherent in these kinds of legal cases. Through the voice of Laurel Lynch, the head of HOPE services, we get an inside look at what is available to women who leave their abusive traps. A WAY OUT is a documentary, which combines the inspiration and heroism of one woman's story with insight on how to find a way out of dangerous relationships.

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