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The Enduring Beauty of Memory is about the beauty, power, and frailty of memory. It encompasses what memory is, how it works, and what happens when memory begins to go away. The Enduring Beauty of Memory begins by laying a basic foundation for understanding, generally, what memory is and how it defines us and makes us who we are. Dr. Michael Mullan, the renowned Neuro Scientist from the Roskamp Institute, a world-class research facility, which deals with matters of the human brain, describes in an understandable way how the brain creates, stores, organizes, and retrieves memory in ways that are virtually automatic. Using, among other things, the images of classic paintings displayed at the Ringling Museum of Art as metaphors, Dr. Mullan talks about why memory works the way it does. The Enduring Beauty of Memory moves from Dr. Mullan's explanation of human memory to poignant stories describing what happens when memory becomes damaged prematurely or begins to slip away as a result of aging. It explores how we get through life when our memory starts to go. The Enduring Beauty of Memory also asks if the age of technology is wearing away the human brain's need to remember. Has the technological revolution made the human brain's need to remember obsolete? The Enduring Beauty of Memory asks ordinary people to talk about their first memories and their fondest memories. This is a stimulating film meant to inform and entertain. The Enduring Beauty of Memory is produced and directed by the award-winning production team of Judge Charles Williams, Durand Adams, Charles Clapsaddle, and the Staff of Manatee Educational Television. The Enduring Beauty of Memory provides a thoughtful and poetic insight into one of mankind's most precious gifts...memory.

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